IIASA Annual Report 2015

Advancing Systems Analysis

Systems analysis is one of the few tools that has the breadth and depth to find long-lasting solutions to the complex, interconnected challenges we face today

Integrated Research

Working at the intersection of global issues, IIASA research reveals how complex systems interact and how synergies and trade-offs can be leveraged to solve the pressing problems of our times

Energy & Climate Change

Focusing on the interactions between energy production, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, climate change, and the promotion of technology innovations

Food & Water

Aiming to ensure the maintenance of healthy, biodiverse ecosystems along with good food and water security

Poverty & Equity

Considering the human side of development with a focus on how science can help tackle the disproportionate burdens of the poor in developing countries

Member countries

Research network

Journal citations

Research funding (Euros)

The following nine research programs formed the core of IIASA research activities in 2015:

International Scope

IIASA research has shaped policy at national, regional, and global scales


IIASA has a global network of 3,000 scholars, made up of research staff, collaborators, and alumni

Education & Training

IIASA continues to strengthen the knowledge & abilities of researchers in systems analysis